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Back to school, back to life?

20 September 2018

The kids are back in school, but are you ready for the new season?

Have a seasonal tune-up session of acupuncture to prepare you for autumn after the brilliant summer.

For more tips on what to do this autumn, read here.

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Feeling dry, itchy skin in the autumn?

01 September 2018

Dry, itchy skin is common in the autumn. Check out these two recipes for some relief in the September newsletter, Pointspace Issue 85.

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Stay cool with these tips

01 June 2018

Read the June newsletter for tips on how to stay cool during the summer.

Pointspace Issue 82, click here.

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Late appointments at Covent Garden

03 May 2018

From May, late appointments are available on Fridays.

Appointments in the heart of London, every Wednesday and Friday. Contact me directly or call Reception 020 7379 7662.

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